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Company History

After having gone through some of the same situations personally, and being "ripped off" by an unethical paralegal, I decided to go to college and get my degree as  paralegal.

I started my college courses at Cerritos Community College in the fall of 1992, which at that time became ABA(American Bar Association) community college accredited for their business paralegal courses; which I would like to add that they were one of the first community colleges to become accredited by the ABA.   After having to take a leave after several semesters, I finished all the required courses in the fall of 1997.  In fact, I took all the law courses avaliable even though I didn't have to because, I knew that I wanted to help people by being an "independant paralegal"  and I felt that I needed a broad spectrum of all law.  My professors all agreed, and all of the professors at Cerritos College that teach the law courses are all working attorneys. In fact, several of the professors encourage parlegal students to consider working for themselves.  It can be both rewarding and financially sound.

Even though I finished only several years ago, I have been practicing as a paralegal since 1995.  I started practicing as a paralegal prior to my finishing all my courses because, there are no required laws that say you need to have that piece of parchment before you work or practice as a paralegal unlike an attorney, and I want to start helping those less unfortunate people unable to afford an attorney in trying to resovle there legal woes.

But, rest assured, even though as a paralegal, we cannot give legal advice or represent a client in a court of law, paralegals have to follow the same code of ethics that a lawyer has to follow.

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