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Why should you have a will? Everyone whether they have a little or a lot of cash assets or property should have a will, especially if you have relatives or friends who would appreciate what you would leave them upon your death. Why let the state you reside in do what they think they should do with your property and money.

Although in most cases should you not have a will upon your death, your immediate family would most likely receive your earthly possessions, being INTESTATE (without a will) though usually takes longer to go through probate, which of course means it will take longer to settle the estate. Also, if you die INTESTATE, the court will appoint an EXECUTOR to oversee your estate; whereas, if you die TESTATE (with a will), you get to decide who will be the EXECUTOR of your estate and most family or freinds who are given this task most often will not charge the estate which means that everything in your estate will go to family and freinds and not in EXECUTOR fees.

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Last updated: 12/29/1999